About LibSBGN

The main goal of LibSBGN is to provide a standard electronic implementation for SBGN.


Please also see the Release Notes

The SBGN-ML format

SBGN-ML is an XML-based file format dedicated to the description of SBGN maps.

For more information, refer to the page dedicated to this exchange format.

The LibSBGN library

LibSBGN is a library that deals with SBGN maps. It features:

  • Reading / writing the SBGN-ML file format
  • Validation (of semantical and syntactical correctness) See ValidationEntryPage
  • Conversion to other formats such as SBML and BioPAX
  • Support for at least Java and C++

Current status

LibSBGN and SBGN-ML are still in development. See SBGN-ML_Roadmap


General information

... for tool developers

The LibSBGN Development Process

We're currently defining the exchange format. To see what was discussed in the past, see OnlineMeetings#Past Meetings and the mailing list hosted in the SBGN SourceForge project

We hold semi-monthly online meetings. For information about past and future meetings, see: OnlineMeetings. For the latest information about upcoming meetings, please contact the mailing list. We also have live discussions bi-annually at COMBINE and HARMONY:

Implementation plan: SBGN-ML_Roadmap

The development of LibSBGN is articulated around a number of online tools (mostly hosted on SourceForge):

Software Support

LibSBGN is being adopted by a number of tools. For an up-to-date list, see ClientTools. To see how these tools render SBGN-ML files, see our render comparison page.

Example Files

Some example files created with LibSBGN can be found here: SBGN-ML Example Files.

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